Pratik Bodra All Set To Launch His Own Token As He Praises The Potential Of Blockchain Industry

There have been fierce debates about the legality of cryptocurrencies and other decentralized forms of banking in countries all over the world. Most countries share reservations about the use of cryptocurrencies in illegal activities but despite that majority of the world’s governments have ruled in the favour of cryptocurrencies as the pros far outweigh the cons.

Blockchain-enabled decentralized technologies have been a big leap into the future, technology that experts suggest that blockchain may be the most important invention since the internet. The impact of the internet on the world since the 90s has been transformative, it has become an essential part of the socio-economic fabric of human civilization with cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies set to follow suit.

With the space receiving more attention every day and billions of dollars worth of investment flowing in every year, many countries blocking the adoption of crypto are crippling their own technological and economic growth as the world moves towards decentralized finance. Every major tech company in the world is looking towards blockchain-based technologies and cryptocurrencies to solve challenges and accept payments from millions of users around the world.

 And with the world’s recent acceleration towards achieving the metaverse, cryptocurrencies gain even more prominence as the digital payment of the future. The public adoption and investment in blockchain-based technologies are set to grow year on year as we move towards a more secure and privacy-focused internet.

Blockchain-based technologies like NFTs and Web3 have the potential to propel crypto into everyone’s daily lives. Especially Web3, which is an idea to completely revamp the current world wide web using blockchain to decentralize the future of the internet. These technologies along with DeFi ( Decentralized Finance ) will allow the internet to be a more private place, with users; and not organizations having control over their data.

Looking towards the future of blockchain-based technology in India is entrepreneur Pratik Bodra. Pratik and team are entering the crypto space to launch their own token and intend to work towards making people more comfortable with investing in crypto and NFTs.

The team is working on NFT and Defi utility along with their token. They have over 6 years of experience and look forward to helping the community adopt the new technology heading their way and how to wisely invest in the space.

They are planning to launch their token in Q3 2022.

‘It’s been over a decade since blockchain was invented, but we are still just in the nascent stages of figuring out all the ways it can be used. The future is decentralized. We look forward to contributing towards the technological advancement of space as the world grows to adopt the more secure and robust internet that evolves due to decentralization.’ says Pratik Bodra.

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